Christmas Party and Happy New Year!

Somewhat belatedly here are some photos from our Dog’s Christmas Party, held at Egremont. Unfortunately there wasn’t as big a turn out as there usually is, but of course, that meant more prizes for those that were there. Once again, a huge thank you to Marion’s Pet shop and grooming in Egremont for coming to judge and providing some wonderful prizes! If you’ve never been, we all highly recommend it. As usual the dogs got into the festive spirit… mostly willingly. 😉


The winner of the fancy dress, Jess as a Christmas Tree
Did you get it, she’s a walnut whip.






We played a variety of party games, some of which revealed some areas that needed work (leave it, anyone?), like the recall past sausages game. The dogs all seemed to enjoy the one where at the end of an obstacle course they could pick out their own toy or treat though.

_DSC6491 _DSC6486 _DSC6484


And I certainly found the attempt at a 6 legged obstacle course race (with the dog between the handlers legs) amusing to watch.


Having fun at musical sits.

_DSC6470   _DSC6505

We finished with a good old fashioned game of pass the parcel and party food.

Thank you everyone for coming! See you all back on the 5th of January.

Here’s to another wonderful New Year at West Lakes Dog Training Club.