Local Pet Businesses – Scallywagz

West Cumbria has many great pet services. Here, one of our club member’s Amy tells us more about her pet business.

Scallywagz Pet Services is a local dog walking and pet sitting business; we care for all animals, from dogs and cats to exotic reptiles and even fish! We are based in Egremont, West Cumbria; currently covering areas from Moresby to Seascale

It all started as a dream, until one day I took a leap of faith and declined my university acceptance; much to the horror of the people around me! I’ve not looked back since; I absolutely love what I do – how can I call this work?? You know you picked the right career path when your office is a field and your colleagues have waggy tails!

I find there is nothing better to lift your spirits then seeing a pack of dogs running crazy and having fun; yes it’s hard work and we often get soaked in the typical Cumbrian weather, but the pets we meet make it all worthwhile! The bond we create is incredible, owners and pets alike become family and I wouldn’t change it for the world


– Amy, Scallywagz Pet Services




Amy Wilson
Scallywagz Pet Services


I know Amy comes highly recommended by many of our club members (and their dogs) and as caring owners with high expectations about our pet’s care we know how important personal recommendations about someone trustworthy are.