Summer Holidays

Every year the classes at Egremont stop for 6 weeks summer holidays. It gives everyone a chance to recharge the batteries and enjoy the summer. Classes start again on the 8th of September.

This monday was the last class for the regular attendees of the follow on classes, so I some ‘end of term’ class photos.

Margaret’s Intermediate class.





My dog is the little sheltie, trying to escape.

Cass’ Advanced Class.

We do a small routine where we line up, and using heel work and waits get our dogs to line up in the middle whilst we walk past them and then walk with them. It’s a great exercise for control around other dogs, patience and the dogs seem to really enjoy it as it keeps them on their toes. We humans just need a little more work on our timing to get it all in sync. This week we even put it to music.

Position 1 – sits
position 2 – Down
position 3 -STAND! (this is the one that needs most work)

Since I have a dog in both classes I can officially say both classes were lots of fun and a great end to the training season, which of course, carries on at home! Thank you to our lovely instructors!

We also had cakes in the advance class, bought in by Mel to celebrate her win in Pre beginners obedience with Snoopy. Well done Mel!

If you were at the class, hopefully you received one of these.

Picture courtesy of Annie.

This is so we can┬ákeep in touch with each other via the blog so look out for some coming ‘Dog’s on Tour’ features.

Happy Summer Everyone and Everydog!

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